(1 Timothy 6:3-21) Guarding our motives in Ministry

In our passage today, we are called to guard our motives in ministry or service. Paul says there are three things we need to focus on to be able to do this. He said, we should:

1. Not to be motivated by personal Glory (vv. 3-5a; 20-21)

2. Not to be motivated by Gold (vv. 5b-10; 17-19)

3. BE motivated by God (vv. 11-16)

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(1 Timothy 1) Dealing with False Teachers

"What will you do if you hear false teachings or meet a false teacher?" This is the question faced by Timothy in Ephesus, and Paul was concerned about his young apprentice that he wrote this letter of 1 Timothy.

Today, we also face this question one way or another. And how should we respond? There are at least four ways based on the first chapter of 1 Timothy.

When dealing  with false teachers, we need to be:
1. Bold (3-4)
2. Salvation Focused (5-6)
3. Scripture-Grounded (7-11)
4. Gracious (12-17)

Errata (lest I become a false teacher): 
            1. Romans 6:24 should be Romans 6:23
            2. Paul met Jesus on the Road to Damascus NOT Road to Emmaus

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(Nehemiah 9) When God's Word Confronts You

Nehemiah 8 to 13 came about as a response to the reading of the Book of the Law (Gen-Deut) beginning in Neh 8:1-2. All the things we’re seeing are evidence of the transforming power of the Word of God in the lives of the Israelites.

Confronted by God’s Word, they responded accordingly. That’s our focus in this passage. When you are confronted by the Word of God, there are at least three responses that will happen. You will respond in:

1. Confession

2. Celebration/Worship

3. Confidence

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(Nehemiah 3-4) Facing Opposition to God's Work

Faced with opposition, big or small, against our faith, our Jesus, how will you respond? Our passage in Nehemiah answers this very question through the Jewish experience of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem in Nehemiah 3 and 4.

And as we study these chapters, particularly Nehemiah 4, we will see three distinct themes that occurred again and again in the passage. We will see:

A. Challenge
B. Divine Pursuit/ Encounter
C. Response of Faith

Keep these three themes in mind as we witness how Nehemiah faced the opposition against fulfilling God's work.

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